About Us

"Full Cycle Woodworking"

Woodworking is a passion that many people share. Dan finds this is important to understand as everyone plays a part in supporting the sustainability of woodworking as both a hobby and a business. Dan's operation will always include annual tree planting in a process that he likes to call " Full Cycle Woodworking".

Rustic and Reliable

Dan's passion for wood stems from the appeal of natural decor in conventional and functional pieces. His work started with cutting boards, spoons, and household utensils. Preserving the natural look, the function of an item, and reliable construction are his primary concerns. He has progressed to rustic furniture, incorporating a modern steel edge where necessary, appealing to the contrast of the natural edginess. His work also includes canoe paddles, canes, and many other creative pieces. 

Milling And Storage / Kiln Drying

Dan operates a fully functional kiln which can dry large amounts of milled wood fairly quickly. Contact about quotes on milling and storage. 


Long / Short term storage arrangements may be provided, and are subject to specific terms of the storage agreement.